Zoro Group

Zoro Group Launches High Quality Custom Gears And Shafts

ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA (April 16, 2017) - Zoro Group, specialising in the design of gears since 35 years, supplies gears and shafts of various shapes and sizes, and for different purposes. Their products are equipped with a quality assurance certificate and a description of the materials and metals that constitute it, a record of the inspections it has undergone and passed, and the surface treatments it has been subject to. Although operating out of China, Zoro Group supplies its products globally.

All its gears undergo inspection at the Gear Testing centre P40C-1 and are subject to testing from 4 different inspection machines. Their main machinery includes the Shaver Cutter29, CNC Lathe29, High Frequency Quenching, and other top-notch equipment specially curated for the manufacturing of their gears. Their supply capacity is a large one, and their average supply period is within 60 days. Their car transmission gears have 100000000 pieces for sale per year.

At Zoro Group they employ advanced technologies and innovate their products while exercising a rigorous quality control. Zoro Group's cutting and finishing shows great precision owing to the use of the best available machinery in their manufacturing process. Their prices are competitive and they also produce customized gears and shafts to ensure that their clients do not need to go else where for their gear requirements.

About Zoro Group:
Zoro a gears R&D, design and manufacturing company has been running for 35 years. They operate in the car, high-speed rail traffic, road machinery, motorcycles and ATV, electric tools, industrial robots and other such heavy machinery industries. Their gear spare parts has an annual yield of over 60 million pieces, placing them among the top manufacturing companies in the world with specialized expertise in the design and manufacturing of gears.

For more information, please visit https://www.zorogroup.net/