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Dome Ignite Presents New Skull Themed Beer Mug That Coincides With The Release Of "Kong: Skull Island"

For people who are crazy about skulls and bones, Dome Ignite has a new offering in the form of a Warrior Skull Mug with Gothic Helmet. This beer mug with skull theme sort of coincides with the release of the monster movie "Kong: Skull Island" starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson.
The mug, made of long lasting stainless steel, features a skull wearing a battle helmet. It has a smooth inner surface that allows easy cleaning and maintenance. This is a practical and creative accessory that can be used at all places, such as at home, pubs, bars and coffee shops. This decorative skull mug can be found in sets of 4 and 2.

The movie, "Kong: Skull Island", finds King Kong facing off man and other beasts in an uncharted Pacific island and fans of Kong Movies will like to celebrate the movie release with the beer mug. The skull mug with its gothic theme makes a cool statement and serves as a unique showpiece on the table.

Other than this, the online Shopify store also stocks a wide variety of skull themed products like drink wear, clothing, jewelries and footwear. It also consists of other drink ware items, such as skull shot glasses that are perfect for skull accessory lovers and for Halloween or skull themed parties.

Dome Ignite shares the passion of countless skull themed product and accessory lovers around the globe, and constantly strives to provide them with a wide variety of skull-related items. The innovative items come at low prices.

About Dome Ignite:
Dome Ignite is a company that offers superior skull-related accessories and products at economical costs. The new product line from the store includes skull mugs, skull jewelry and various other skull accessories.

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