Videocon d2h limited

Videocon D2H Limited Becomes The Top DTH Service Provider In India

A pioneer among DTH service providers in India, Videocon d2h Limited has won over millions of people with its high quality services and packages. Within 7 years after its launch in 2009, it has attained a gross base comprising of as many as 17 million subscribers. It has recently become the top DTH service provider in the country.

It has come out with a wide variety of DTH plans and packages, including Platinum HD, Platinum, New Diamond, Gold Sports Kids, Gold Kids, New Gold Sports, Gold Maxi, Super Gold and Flexi Pack. The DTH price for these packages varies from 99 INR to 680 INR per month.

Other than all DTH plans, the company has launched a number of value added services such as d2h classic, d2h movies, d2h spice, d2h music, d2h cooking, d2h Sajda, d2h Darshan, d2h Hollywood HD, d2h Cinema HD and d2h Cinema.

The first Indian company to be featured on NASDAQ, Videocon d2h is known for technological innovations such as 1000 GB HD DVR, Radio Frequency DTH Remote, Wireless DTH Headphones and 4K Ultra HD Channel.

The company has recently been in the news for launching technological innovations such as HD Smart Connect Set Top Box that can transform a standard TV to a Smart TV.

About Videocon d2h limited:
Videocon d2h Limited is the fastest growing DTH service provider in India that offers more than 570 services and channels. It offers the best DTH plans and has a sales & distribution channel spread across India, and boasts of a track record of launching out of the box services and products.

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