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Trabajo 360 Startup Provides New Sources Of Income

SPAIN (April 18, 2017):- With the ever increasing population and the shortage of employment, the new startup Trabajo 360 is a local service marketplace that provides several job opportunities for people who would love to earn some additional money. These jobs range from simple opportunities like English tuitions, to accounting and financial services, to repairing used and broken electronical gadgets. There are hundreds of jobs, from which individuals can select, based on their expertise.

Due to the increasing lack of opportunities in most developed countries of the world, such marketplaces have been a boom to local citizens, who could sell their skills for a living. Also, taking into consideration the rate of growth in the Spanish economy in recent times, this might prove to be a very profitable venture in the future.

About Trabajo 360:
Trabajo 360, is a local service marketplace where people can apply for the job they like, to earn some additional money. People log in with the official website and fill up their details, after which professionals from various occupational fields contact them, if they match the qualifications set by their experts. The enterprise is 100% authentic, and the verification process is completely fool proof, which is principally the reason why they are such a trend setter in the field of online job marketing. The entire process is swift, and good client-employee relation is of utmost importance.

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Media Contact:
Contact person: Diego
Business phone: +34 622 126 100
Trabajo 360 is a Local service marketplace
Address: Ordoño II, 3 24004 Leon SPAIN