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Indiegogo Presents Heart Of Istria In Association With Crowd Funding

Istria (March 09, 2017) - Indiegogo presents the Heart of Istria project that allows a holiday no less than a dream. This is the first ever holiday home funded by the crowd. Built by crowd funding, the main focus of this place is at its guests and not on profit. With a contribution of only $200, $300 and $400 experience something extraordinary. Holidays are loved by all and this villa is planned on that basis. It offers a service not less than a five star hotel. Comfort and luxury are the key points of this villa. The campaign motive is to bring to everyone's notice this incredible holiday destination. Travel is made more comfortable with a proper place to live in. The ultimate motive is to promote something that will bring luxury and pleasure to the visitors of that place.

Heart of Istria project has been designed to bestow a stupor vacation for different tourists, with something absolutely unique from what is already available in the market. The approach and funding are different with an affordable price. This project is different for different villas located in Istria. The project has been designed keeping in mind the class of the guests visiting the place and can accommodate up to 10 people with extremely high standards.

The ultimate goal is not high-end luxury but also providing an ideal location to spend some time with friends and family. It is not large enough to accommodate many people, but is big enough to billet every whim. Completely private and well-connected, enabling the visitors to be in and around the place for sight-seeing. On-site staffs are available to fulfill every need. Eco-friendly and modern in its technological advances, it also uses solar power to deliver the needs.
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