Jalals Makes It To The Top With Their Nasty Pranks, Yet Again

The various videos by Jalals comprises of pranks that are done on people, intruding their everyday lives. The most popular ones being the bomb prank and the ghost prank. Jalals make prank videos on pedestrians by busting them with some element of surprise, that are usually scary on the moment as well. Some prank videos are partly scripted or are later dubbed with phrases to not let a single viewer escape laughter.

The bomb prank video went viral on the internet that showed a man scary away people by pretending to have a bomb on him. Prank videos are quite interactive and special visual and sound effects are integrated to add to the overall experience. Although it may seem at times, but no human or animal is hurt while making the videos and it is made sure that every 'victim' of the prank stays mentally unaffected.

Follow the link to watch the uber cool funny videos: https://www.jalals.net/. This is although a fan website but it perhaps has the best collection of funny videos by Jalals.

About Jalals.net
Jalals is famous for their prank videos and have a large fan following base. Jalals.net is a fan created website that contains all of their videos and news. Follow instructions in the about section on the website to contact them.