Audra D. Luke

Audra D. Luke, Founder Of Greengelo, Voices Support For Teens In Her Recently Published Books

Atlanta, GA (May 21, 2017) - Audra D. Luke, founder of the nonprofit organization GreenGelo, has recently published two books, "From Powerless to Empowered: A Guaranteed Step by Step Guide on Empowering Teenage Girls!" and "In the Trenches". The former book is an attempt to empower teenage girls, and it offers a stepwise guide to parents, instructors as well as nonprofit directors about the important elements that are needed for helping teenage girls turn into independent and self-empowered thinkers. It includes her Poetic Expression empowerment workshop, which she has implemented into teen incarceration centers and high schools for the last 15 years.

The second book shares her most inspirational and dynamic poems from her work with teens, as well as, the motivation behind them. It provides teens with necessary life skills to deal with various life issues. Audra uses her 18 years of experience in teaching life skills to teens to teach teens how to use poetry to deal with their problems effectively. She also shares the most inspirational and dynamic poems and the motivation behind them.

All the proceeds from the sales of her books will be used as donations for GreenGelo. She is currently writing a monologue by a woman, a play that is going to be staged next month. It will display the characters of the teenagers she has taught over the years. Audra also produces "Road Less Traveled", a weekly online blog that shows her journey to popularize her efforts for GreenGelo, and bring it more attention. GreenGelo TV helps teens get a platform that they can use in order to express themselves.

About Audra D. Luke
Audra D. Luke is a lawyer by profession, a teen advocate, producer, poet, writer and author as well. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization GreenGelo, an online video network meant for urban teens.

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