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Rev. Michael Moore Redefines Elopement In Greeneville With His 4 Step Plan

Greenville, SC (April 10, 2017) - While weddings in Greeneville SC have often been examples of perfection, it is the option of elopement that has been in the news very recently for all the right reasons. All thanks to Rev. Michael Moore, a concept that was considered outrageous even a few decades ago is now a welcome opportunity for couples that are looking for an additional dose of romance, excitement and affordability while taking their vows.

Rev. Michael Moore who is the President of the National Association of Christian Ministers has established himself as one of the most sought after wedding officiant Greenville SC solely because it is his passion to unite couples in love before God and their family members for a resourceful, purposeful and peaceful life together.

His services thus extends to cover not only traditional weddings including bride, groom, guests, photographers and all, but also to cover the rather unconventional elopements chosen by couples that wish to keep their ceremony a private affair while avoiding unnecessary costs. The 4 step elopement package offered by Rev. Moore has gained significant popularity for inclusions that are usually not available with other wedding officiant Greenville.

Scheduling a convenient wedding date, choosing a compatible wedding venue, developing a wedding plan and most importantly, getting the wedding license form the core features of the package that hundreds of eager couples cannot seem to get enough of. According to Rev. Moore, no ceremony whether conventional or elopement should not fall victim to poor planning or half hearted organization.

All of his wedding plans and packages are thus designed to streamline the essentials so that couples and their families can have fantastic memories to cherish. To make the package even sweeter, Rev. Moore also offers free wedding venues that has been practically life saving for couples who do not have much to spare. As has been expressed by a long list of happily married couples, Rev. Moore's dedication to the cause is genuine and practically exemplary.

About Rev. Michael Moore
Rev. Michael Moore is one of the most sought after wedding officiant Greeneville SC and specializes in elopements besides traditional wedding ceremonies. Rev. Moore is widely recognized for offering affordable services to couples including free wedding venues and honeymoon trips.

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