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Fmx Electronic Technology Specialises In Hdi Pcbs

SHENZHEN, CHINA (April 01, 2017) - FMX Electronic Technology is engaged in the production of High Density Interconnect PCBs, Flex PCB, Special PCB, Multiplayer PCBS, and etcetera. Their HDI PCB originating in China have an estimated delivery time of 15 to 20 days. They have a supply capacity of 1,000,000 pieces.

The High Density PCB reduces unnecessary radiation and continues to increase density to meet the demand. It is made up of insulating materials and its specialty I in laser drilling, bling hole application, and etcetera. It has a minimum track of 4 millimetres, a minimum hole of 0.1mm, its broad thickness is 1.6mm, and its surface finish has gold plating.

The HDI PCBs are useful for consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, auto electronics, power supply equipment, in military security, etc. FMX Tech seeks to provide stability and reliability in their products. They also have been in long-term service with various technological fields, and they specialise in HDI PCBs. They operate in the global market.

About FMX Electronic Technology
FMX Electronic Technology (HK) Co., Ltd provides PCB and PCBA products and services. They provide a high multilayer and precision of PCB and PCBA products through their systemic resource integration approach and a service chain committed to professionalism. Engineering optimization is at the core of their technical architecture and their business model is a consumer oriented one. They provide fast service and rapid delivery, and are relatively cost effective owing to technical ability. Their annual sales are roughly up to 35 million US dollars.

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