LED Light Expert Sells A Wide Range Of LED Fixtures And Lights

San Diego, CA (March 24, 2017) - LED lights are energy efficient and eco-friendly, which makes them a perfect option for homes as well as industrial and commercial spaces. LED Light Expert is an online store that sells a wide range of LED fixtures and lights. From LED corn lights to LED flood lights, street lights and retrofit kits, the online store has the best quality lights on offer at the lowest prices.

There are LED flood lights like LED solar flood lights, LED flood lights such as LED Corn Light Bulbs, E26 Standard Base Light Bulbs and E39 Led Base Mogul Light Bulbs, available at affordable costs. These lights can be found in different colors and lumens, as well as in varied styles and designs.

There are parking lot lights, such as those with slip fitter mount. You can find 150 Watt LED NextGen, 16,300 Lumen LED, 42,000 Lumen LED, 40,000 Lumen - 300 watt, Wall Bracket for Slip Fit Lights, 24,000 Lumen - 185 watt NextGen LED Shoebox Lights, 56,000 Lumen LED - 400 Watt - 5000K, 50W LED Parking Lot / Area Light - 7000 Lumen and more.

The absence of mercury and UV, longer life, higher cost savings, cleaner light and superior energy efficiency make these lights a top choice for various types of customers. Replacing old and high-energy fixtures with any of these energy efficient LED lights can be very useful for customers.

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Based in San Diego, California, LED Light Expert is a web-based store that specializes in selling different types of LED Light bulbs and fixtures. Customers can get lights in proper lumens and colors.
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