Granville Island Pet Treatery

Vancouver Based Company Brings Nutrition To Pets

VANCOUVER, CANADA (MARCH 31, 2017) - The outfit, established in Vancouver, brings a wide range of dog and cat food to the table, providing the pet owners with healthy alternatives specifically catered towards their respective pets.

"Here at Granville Island Pet Treatery, we believe that pets, being such a huge part of modern life, deserve good nutrition delivered in the form of tasty treats. Most pet owners do not have much of an idea when it comes to what is healthy and what is not to be given to your pet during their meals. This leads to various complications and in some severe cases, has been fatal. Our idea is to remove the guesswork from all of that and to provide varying food items, depending on the breed of the pet and the budget of the owner", said a representative of the enterprise.

"We have over thirty years of experience in the field and have the absolute best nutritionists and scientists who come up with new ideas and advances on a regular basis" continued the representative when asked about the science behind the food manufacturing.

The Vancouver establishment's catalogue of dog food Vancouver and cat food Vancouver offers a wide array of training treats and reward treats. They also provide various gift boxes and travel tins, as well as retail ranges for personnel willing to sell the company's products through their own stores. Interested people can register and create a Retailer's Account.

Considering the simplicity and ease with which the outlet operates, it does not require much guesswork to understand why the Pet Treatery has grown with a substantially large profit margin. "It wasn't easy at first. This was a fairly new department at the time, with the science being complex and material being hard to come by. Of course, we're very happy that we can help both people and animals, whether it's through our products or extensive database which is easily available as a blog on our website. We only want to grow from here and extend our reach to other cities and eventually other countries", said another grateful spokesperson.

The pet food industry has just barely found its feet but already as a giant with which to compete against other companies and unhealthy pet food in general. One can only speculate within a certain number of years, the industry would be booming.

About Granville Island Pet Treatery:
The Granville Island Pet Treatery (GIPT) is a company which produces food items for pets, catering specifically to dogs and cats, with a dose of nutrition and based on the age, psychosomatic state and breed of the pet.

For more details about Vancouver pet food, visit or email at You can also contact them at 1-604-689-3657 between 10am to 6pm every day. Visit their showroom on 1496 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y5.