Family Tree

Family Tree Is A Comedy Drama About An African American Family

Family Tree is a comedy drama movie that has been written by Karen Anderson. The plot revolves around an African American family whose members hardly like each other but still needs to be there in a family gathering or reunion that has been arranged by one of their members. The story then explores the family dynamics within these various members. It also delves deep about what it means to be a family. The movie focuses on these themes and presents them in comical situations that produce a laugh riot. However, since the film explores the essence of what it means to be a family, it can certainly remind the viewers of the family members that they are most fond of. In Family Tree, Flora Jones the family matriarch is challenged by Kate her granddaughter to organize a family reunion. Since Flora knew well that her children could hardly speak two words of generosity to each other, getting them together in a family reunion like this will be a major task of difficulty.

Kate Jones Blaylock seems just like any average 20 something woman with a normal job and a family life. She also has her own ideas of what comprises a family and her family falls in the last category. There are a number of members in her family who are not nice and they do not even like some of the other members of the family. Even when they want the best for other members of the family, their wishes may be somewhat off center. All the members in the family also have their very own secrets which eventually unravel as the movie progresses.

About Family Tree:
Family Tree is a comedy drama family about an African American dysfunctional family where the members hardly like each other.

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