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Defending The Indefensible, Arif Patel Emerges As Undefeatable!

Dubai, UAE (April 06, 2017):- A strong mind, focused attention, analytical research tactics and unbiased views are the primary needs of a criminal defense attorney and with an experience in the UK Navy, Arif Umarji Patel is one of the top choices in the profession. Being in varied roles like military prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, Arif Patel Dubai is aware of the ground realities which help him shape his defense cases.

Arif Patel is a graduate in Political Science which makes him aware of the political intricacies, and received the degree of Masters in Law from University of Law which brought him closer to the intricacies of criminal law. The first step taken by a criminal defense attorney is to compute the facts and allegations that have been charged against his/her client, and then criminal defense attorney formulates ways to come clean with his client.

Research is an important factor in these cases, and being in the foothold of rules and regulations, criminal activities and protection personnel while in the Navy, gives Arif Umarji Patel an upper-hand. A detailed research helps the criminal defense attorney in formulating a case which would help prove the innocence of the accused criminal who is also their client.

Communication skills are also an integral part of proving a case, if one is not able to engage the audience and judge while in court, then the chances of being listened to and sympathised towards is really bleak. Hence, a certain amount of dedication is also required in order to work outside the office hours. Arif Patel Dubai being a person involved with the Navy is aware of these demands, and takes up detailed analysis to defend his clients. For more information, please visit

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