Tianpeng Food

Tianpeng Food Produces Offers The Best Quality Wasabi Products In Wholesale

China (April 01, 2017) - Tianpeng Food under the company, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co. Ltd. has been running a successful business in China for the last two decades. The food processing company is located in Fuzhoucheng. It is situated in the Wafangdian city. The fixed assets of the company worth more than 50 million of Yuan. The products from the house of Tianpeng are distributed to all major Asian countries in wholesale.

One of the best things about Tianpeng Food is that it is extremely popular among its buyers. The products are available on their website. The products of the company are daily exported to different parts of the world, namely, Korea, The United States of America and Germany. They have made a record of earning more than ten million USD annually, thanks to their amazing product line.

The products are produced under strict quality control. This is one of the reasons why people rely on their products so much. When one check their website, they will find that the company has plenty of wasabi products that can cater to anyone's needs. These products can be easily used in restaurants and for selling them in the local market. The price is reasonable and that makes the most sought after products worldwide.

About Tianpeng Food
The company, Dalian Tianpeng Food Co is popular in selling food products worldwide. The range of their products is not limited to certain collection, as it happens to produce large variants of Chinese foods. Starting from, soy sauce, the company goes on to produce products like garlic, seasoning, curry, mayonnaise, mirin, and horseradish annually.

One can easily contact the company to buy products through their website, https://www.tianpengwasabi.com/ The Company can be further communicate through the following address,

Phone: +86-0411-84179005, +86-18642646568
Fax: +86-411-85102446
Email: bejork@wasabi.pw