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Patelco Trading Stock Value Surges In Two Months

Dubai, UAE (April 06, 2017):- Mr. Arif Patel has been a happy individual due to the recent success of his company. "It's been a tremendously difficult yet highly rewarding experience so far. The value of stocks can spiral at any moment. This property alone makes it challenging to be the head of a trading company", said Mr. Patel, in a reflective mood.

Mr. Patel was born in Karachi, Pakistan, completing an Orthopaedic Residency in 1991. Following this, Mr. Arif Patel and family moved to England. "At first, adjusting to the new culture and rituals was quite troublesome. Settling in a new country with a completely different method of living is not as easy as one would make it out to be. Of course, it worked out in the end", added Mr. Patel.

Patelco Credit Union did have its roots set on the ground over eighty years ago. Seeing the value of its assets rise to over 5 billion dollars' worth, Patelco has been turned into one of the largest establishments in the nation. "The added value after Mr. Arif Patel took over the reins of the company can never be undermined in any sense", stated a representative of the company.

When asked about Arif Patel's plans for the company in Dubai, he said "As of now, the outfit has its base firmly in Dubai. We do have various volunteering opportunities for customers. Those that want to know more about the stock market, or would like to help others through these programmes are most welcome to participate. Expansion plans in other cities are on-going."

About Patelco Trading:
Patelco Trading is a company which was founded over 80 years ago and has received favourable reviews with its stock market initiatives.

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