New Media Film Festival

3D, Drone & Shorts From Russia, Singapore & Austria Accepted Into 8th Annual New Media Film Festival

Even though the final deadline for submissions into the 8th Annual New Media Film Festival is April 25th 2017, the festival announces a handful of early selections. These include Chrysalis from Singapore, Running into air from Austria and Next from Russia which are in the 3D, Drone and Shorts category respectively.


Director: Ina Conradi, Mark Chavez
Country: Singapore
Running time: 7:03
L.A. premiere!

Chrysalis is a tale of personal struggles and endurance. The film is based on an old legend about the butterfly's struggles to evolve.

Running into air
Director: Sebastian Wöber
Country: Austria
Running time: 3:00
L.A. premiere!

Who didn't have dreams about flying as a kid? On film it's possible. This is me running into the air and filming cinematic landscapes on my flight over Switzerland.


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About New Media Film Festival
In 2009 New Media Film Festival was announced in Second Life as part of the C3 - United Nations - Millennium Project as an annual event. The Festival brings together the work of established and emerging New Media Content Creators and video artists, from the US as well as internationally.
As Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Koretz stated: "The New Media Film Festival is one of the most unusual yet exciting festivals in the world." Thanks to the hard work of Founder/Director Susan Johnston and her board, this festival embodies the transformative power of the cinematic arts as it effectively welds together story and technology for everyone."

New Media Film Festival introduces new technology, communication of ideas through panels and Q & A's to implement a more expansive use of 21st technology in storytelling for artists and content creators.
The Goal of New Media Film Festival is to bring the world the Best in New Media - Honoring Stories worth Telling of emerging and established video and new media artists throughout the world. To give the global community at large the chance to experience the latest in technology and innovative storytelling to help define the world of new media.