Getmailto.Com: Offers The Best Email Templates is website which provides users with pre-designed email templates for their business or campaign requirements. It simplifies the process of creating a network via emails by allowing patrons to choose a template that is compatible with their requirements and is more likely to gain response. The average user often disregards email campaigns, with emails left unopened or transferred to the spam box. is an attempt at providing start-ups or bloggers with a template especially designed to grab the attention of their current audience, as well as expand their audience through such email campaigns.

These templates have been fashioned by young designers in collaboration with marketing persons, who understand the market being catered to and the layout that is most likely to appeal to them. They provide various kinds of templates, depending on the requirement. For instance, they have specific email templates for blog and an entirely different ecommerce email template, keeping in mind the composition and sensibility of the target audience. Their templates are adaptable to all screens and mobile devices, and are compatible with various marketing platforms such as mailchimp templates. They have a separate newsletter email template so that any business or company newsletter that needs to be circulated follow the same structure and layout, ensuring uniformity and receptiveness.

The platform allows creators to sell them their templates, vetting it before purchase to ensure the design adds to their market. Users can also subscribe to the website and have any new templates added to the website sent to their mailing address. The website is still evolving and is open to submissions from its users to ensure that their spectrum of templates is ever growing and eventually caters to all email related requirements. For more information, please visit

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