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Tiny Px Maximises A Website's Creative Sales Potential And Improves Customer Experience

Vancouver, (31 March, 2017) - Tiny px is an innovative tool which lets people design their websites by applying eye-catching effects, filters, text overlays, watermarks and more by simply changing the image URL. It has been designed to ensure that customes do not spend hours in coding a website to increase its creative sale potential. Customers can choose from mutiple images and scale images utility suiting their business and marketing needs. A graphic design team or Photoshop knowledge is not necessary to use Tiny px. The best thing about Tiny px is its pricing which is designed to suit every business.

Tiny px offers a variety of features like add text, format text, change JPG quality, rotate, add mask change hue etc. One can resize images online, blend images, and add film grain effect to increase visual interest with unique effects. With batch watermark images features they can protect their images with watermarks and logos to safeguard distribution of intellectual property. Other than that by enhancing and adjusting catalog photos they can make a statement for their products. Tiny px is the best choice for web developers, marketers and businesses.

Tiny px is the perfect blend of technology and creativity and is very easy to use. One simply needs to connect it by telling Tinypx where their images are and the point of their website's images to the domain. Customers can apply creative effects, add text and overlays, and do a lot more by simply changing the image URL using simple methods. Tiny px is easy to integrate as it supports Amazon S3, Dropbox, and custom web folders. It works with web builder tools where one can directly access, insert or embed image URLs (eg. WordPress).

About Tiny Pixels Technologies Inc:
Tiny px helps websites get huge effect by applying just a little effort. It helps websites to maximize their creative sales potential while saving image bandwidth. One can improve their customer experience with lightning-speed image processing. For more information, please visit https://www.tinypx.com/

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