Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co.

Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co. Supplies High Quality Treatment Tables

Huangshan, China (18 March, 2017) - Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co.launches a wide range of reasonably priced treatment table. Co infy care, a certified company with market reputation, works constantly to provide quality products to the customers. The company understand the importance of using comfortable and adjustable treatment tables in clinics and hospitals and works relentlessly to meet the demands of their customers. The treatment tables manufacturted by them have extra thick foam upholstery along with comfortable and cushioned headrest.

Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment a professional manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment. It integrates design, production and sales services in its 15,000㎡plants and employs experienced technicians to continue the work with modern production line. The main products supplied by Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co.are Physiotherapy table, Treatment table, Examination table, Chiropractic table, Rehabilitation table, Chiropractic Table, Gynaecology Table, Tilt Table and Massage tables. These specially designed tables provide amazing functionality and stability with the widest choice for user requirements.

The treatment tables supplied by Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co.are designed to withstand constant heavy use with minimal maintenance. The manual treatment tables can address the requirements of a wide range of manual handling issues that benefit both patient and doctor. These tables are fire, stain, oil and wear resistant. They come with adjustable backrest and height control features. The traction table and beds supplied by Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co.use Taiwan professional medical DC motor putter which creates low noise and are highly stable and strong.
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About Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co.:
Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co. was established in 2009. They are professional manufacturers of rehabilitation equipment. In 2012, Huangshan Jinfu was recognized as one of the High-Tech Enterprises of Anhui Province. Their products are ISO13485, CE and FDA certified. Their endless effort has made "coinfycare" brand products popular in more than 80 countries.

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