Edyne Plancy Comes With A New Podcast "The Edyne Plancy Show" To Help Women Become Successful In Business

A successful woman entrepreneur, Edyne Plancy has been featured recently in USA Today, NBC, CBS and many others for the work that she did in helping women and men step out of the 'sidekick box' where she helps them transform into highly valued leaders in their business and in the corporate world with her Telesumit called "The Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women'.

In 2016, Plancy topped the Best-Sellers List on Amazon with her book Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dreams, Love Your Live. The book ranked third in the category of self-help books, and became an international best-seller. The book contained 99 lessons consisting of the real life success stories of 33 women. The actual stories of women can serve as inspiration and guidance for success for any woman.

Through her personal guidance, podcast, books etc., Plancy offers men and women the chance to maximize their business success and make the most of their skills to create new opportunities and move their business or career forward. She works as a Business and Career Strategist at WETHRIVE™ Consulting in Toronto, Canada and can be a great Success Partner for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who are looking to leverage their current skills to get the high paying clients they deserve or the promotions they want.

About Edyne Plancy:
Edyne Plancy is the CEO and Founder of 'WETHRIVE™ Digital Marketing Agency'. Plancy is also a business consultant who recently created the Telesumit called "Awaken The Superwoman Within": How to become the one to watch, without selling your soul, and kissing frogs.

For media inquiries regarding 'The Edyne Plancy Show' podcast, individuals are encouraged to contact her Marketing Manager, Zoe Holt directly at 647-463-2852 or via email at info@edyneplancyshow.com

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