Century Sentence

Author Xu Xue Chun Pens "Century Sentence", A Book Covering Chinese Culture & Western Culture

Author Xu Xue Chun has come out with his new book "Century Sentence". The book covers Western nations as well as other countries. He writes on the irreparable deficiencies of the Western culture that are manifesting, and how there can be terrible consequences unless the deficiencies are handled properly.

The book also covers Chinese culture and dwells on analyzing the political situation of China, based on the creation of culture, consciousness and subconscious of humans, as well as the Chinese cultural origins to offer opinions on the reform of China from the angle of regular workers. It also focuses on attempts to alter the Chinese political ambience with the power of internet users.

Other than the culture and political situation of China and the Western countries, the Book of Century Sentence also comments on Islam. The rise of the ISIS terrorists and its barbaric methods has compelled the author to become vocal against the group. He tries to say that Islam as a religion is not as terrible as can be imagined, but the faith is likely to be destroyed unless Islamic people use proper theories and methods.

The author uses simple language to explain the essential difference between the culture of Western and Chinese countries, how China has a systematic culture, how the culture in Western countries is an individual culture, why individualistic culture has to move with system culture, ho ancient thinkers share similar philosophy and theme and more. He also explains the philosophy of Yang and Yin, and social system.

About Century Sentence
With his new book, Author Xu Xue Chun aims to provide readers with a better understanding of the essential differences of the culture of China and Western nations, and also help them understand Islam and its true doctrines.

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