Tubable - The All-New Social Video App and Commenting Platform Launches for iOS and Android

Calgary, Canada (July 09, 2017): - Braincode Consulting Corp launches Tubable - all-new social video forum and commenting platform intended for vloggers, thinkers, promoters, singers, or anyone who loves uploading or discovering amazing videos.

With unique video sharing and video commenting features, Tubable wants to start a video revolution and bring a new way in which users communicate and share video content.

"Tubable tends to become the new platform where users will showcase their video content. No matter if it is an opinion, an experience or maybe a movie. We plan to revolutionize how users consume and response to video content, but also to become a platform where anyone can get more audience," stated Ahmed Makhzoumi from Braincode Consulting Corp.

With features of recording and uploading videos in a glance, inviting friends to join the discussion and talk about the video with their own video responses, Tubable acts like a personal video forum too. Videos can be private and public which gives great options for users to use the app according to their needs.

"We wanted to make Tubable fun and useful for anyone who loves video content. Users can shoot a video, an opinion, a challenge, a joke, or basically anything. The videos can be private and only invited users can see and comment on the video, great for private discussions. Or the videos can be public and anyone can see the content, which is made for vloggers, singers, directors and basically any user who wants to share their creative work", concluded Mr. Makhzoumi.

Tubable lets users follow and add friends, and there is a chat feature for in-app communication between friends. Users can discover and search great videos in a separate section of the app. Tubable is free and available on both Google Play and App store.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tubable.tubable

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tubable-video-social-platform/id1190815038?ls=1&mt=8

Website: https://tubable.com/