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Heroines Inc. Announces #Nomakeovertakeover Campaign To Unify Women In Celebrating Their Natural Beauty

HERoines Inc. (HERoinesInc.org) is a nonprofit organization providing the tools to create more female leaders through workshops, seminars and opportunities to connect with influential women. The organization is hosting its second #NoMakeoverTakeover viral campaign on Wednesday, March 29th, created to recognize Women's History Month with the goal being to "empower HER." This no-makeup campaign is structured to cultivate positive affirmations for and by women; by participating, the women played a role in celebrating one another.

This campaign is being run during the most precious month of the year that is the Women's History Month. This campaign will help women to unify and empower. Each no makeup photo will qualify as an entry to win a prize which is a basket full of natural beauty goodies.

HERoines Inc. focuses on the issues that modern-day women face, from love and representation in the workplace to health and beauty. The organization's mission is to educate "HER," broaden "HER" perspectives and ultimately empower "HER," with HERoines Inc. representatives providing the fundamentals for excellence and success by way of conversations and workshops that focus on growth. As HERoines Inc. founder Jolaubi Osho puts it, "We provide a safe space for women to focus on different aspects of their lives, step out of their comfort zones and prepare for greatness."

Women who are interested to be a part of this amazing empowering campaign can easily participate. All they will need to do is post a picture of themselves without any makeup on March 29th between 12 PM EST/ 11AM PT and 12AM EST/ 9PM PT. The women participating will need to use the hashtags #NoMakeoverTakeover, #EmpowerHER, #HERoinesInc and #NoMakeUp. Apart from using the hashtags, the women will need to tag the company to ensure that their entry is counted. The profiles will need to be public to count.

The first campaign in 2015 was supported by Tracy Balan, celebrity hair stylist and host of Lifetime's Girlfriend Intervention, Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry and Empire's Ta'Rhonda Jones. According to Osho and HERoines representatives, over 200 ladies posted, with Balan being quoted as saying, "As a beauty expert, I have always stressed cosmetics are accessories and not necessities."

The #NoMakeoverTakeover campaign was also bolstered by support from such notables as Jenna Andrews, songwriter behind the hits for artists such as Jessie J, while Ksyn Carson, actress and backup dancer for acts like Beyoncé, 50 Cent, Kat De Luna and Alicia Keys, were quoted saying, "Even though I love wearing makeup, I also love not wearing it; being confident in one's natural beauty first is what makes you YOU. This is something that took me most of my teenage years and a few of my adult years to learn, but whether I'm walking around 'fresh-faced' or made-up, I always walk with confidence because I worked hard to get here!"

In conclusion, Balan had this to say about her involvement: "#NoMakeOverTakeover is a concept that comes at a crucial time; it is indeed needed now more than ever, because we live in a day and age when natural beauty has taken a back seat to getting everything 'nipped' and 'tucked.' I have nieces, and hate to think that they don't feel pretty enough...that they think they will have to visit a doctor to load up on cosmetics to feel beautiful. I joined the HERoines campaign to show them and other girls that they are naturally beautiful - that their uniqueness is what the world is calling for.

"No one was born to be a Stepford Wife; we were born to look different and find commonality in our hearts, minds and souls."

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HERoines Inc. is a nonprofit organization designed to promote the growth and self-development of women from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, empowering them to fulfill their ultimate dreams. Founded in 2011, we have been helping women young and old live a standard quality of life by providing them with workshops, seminars, and tools to support and empower them to follow their specific goals and objectives. We connect women with who they are and help them embark on a journey of finding their true values.

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