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Sound Room, A Provider Of Fine Audio And Video Equipments

Vancouver, Canada (March 31, 2017) - Sound Room is a premiere audio and video retailer with extensive showroom facilities. They not only stock fantastic range of microphones, home theaters, loudspeakers and video equipments, we provide unrivalled customer care, advice and technical assistance to our customers.

"This is the place to go if you are an audio file! Excellent products, brands and service. I bought my modestly priced Golden Ear system here and was very happy with it," said Gary F. a verified customer.
Sound Room has announced Bang and Olufsen Play products. In typical B&O design traditions, B&O Play offers artful execution and class leading audio performance. Whether it's the H3 earphone or A9 speaker system B&O's unrivalled industrial design is unparalleled and has no equal match. The company is also happy to announce that they have been appointed the exclusive dealer for Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

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A leading retailer in Vancouver, Canada providing best quality audio and video equipments with extensive showroom facility and customer service.

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