American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology

ACPN- Center For Neurological Disorders Employs Experts In The Field Of Child Neurology

Dubai, UAE (April 05, 2017):- ACPN is a diagnostic and treatment center that is concerned specifically with the disorders of the central, peripheral and autonomous nervous systems and the muscles which are associated with their functioning. Conceived in Abu Dhabi, they now have centers in Dubai and Sharjah as well.

They employ doctors in psychiatry, neurology, psychology, qualified professionals in their pharmacy, organize corporate seminars and provide training for continuing medical education through various media.

They work with experts in the field of child psychology and neurology. At ACPN they understand that a child neurologist must be someone that is highly experienced in the field of neurology and is an ace diagnostician but also is someone that understands a child's mental disposition, and how his or her surroundings, literally and metaphorically, are a factor in their illness.

Some of the disorders a child psychologist deals with include ADHD, sleep disorders, learning disabilities, movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, among others. Their Children's Neuroscience Services take into consideration that disorders manifest differently in children and adults, ant that a neurological assessment must be conducted in accordance with this nuance.
A neurological assessment tests sensory and motor neuron responses, such as reflexes, to uncover if there is a discrepancy in the operation of the nervous system, and if so where is this rooted. An assessment is carried out when a neurologist infers that a disorder of the nervous system is a possibility.

About ACPN:
ACPN, founded in 2008 in Abu Dhabi is a neurological, psychiatric, and psychological diagnosis and treatment center that provides primary and specialized medical aid and education. They provide medical services in the aforementioned fields, as well as training and education services, which include conducting corporate seminars, increasing health education, and allowing individuals to continue their medical education through their online resources and regular events.

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