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Gesun International Inc Comes With Superior Fiberglass Plates For The Abrasive Industry

Shandong, China, March 11, 2017: Based in China, Gesun International Inc has come out with high quality fiberglass plates. It offers Fiberglass plates for Abrasives flap disc, Abrasives plate and Flexible disc. Customers can get high quality backing plates for flexible disc.

The brand offers superior and professional fiberglass plates for abrasives plate that come in high quality. The plates are efficient, safe, professional, and come with superior bending strength, high tension and impact resistance. The plates are superior and have low noise, good heat dissipation, high elasticity, wear resistance, long life and high grinding rate.

The fiberglass backing and plates are offered in various grades, such as GS/A that are meant for standard industrial uses and GS/A+ (HI) that are ideal for high performance uses while GS/ECO is for DIY uses. These come with high quality control and are offered for sale after proper testing. The brand checks every backing to ensure that it satisfies all quality standards.

The fiberglass plates from the brand Gesun Abrasives come in varied sizes, such as 170mm, 140mm, 117mm, 107mm, 100mm, 95mm and 90mm. Gesun Abrasives has a supply capacity of 3.6 million pieces every month and takes 30 days for delivery. The company uses a high quality process of production, and ensures that customers can get products in the best form. As a professional maker of fiberglass plates and backing, the brand goes all the way.

About Gesun International Inc
Gesun International Inc is a professional maker of fiberglass backing pad and plates in China. The company is into resin dipping, fiberglass cloth weaving, backing pad pressing and more in its own plant, and follows strict quality control standards.

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