Oscar Mendez

Oscar Mendez Comes Out With His New Book Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type Kindle Edition

Author Oscar Mendez is known for his expertise with nutrition, skin care and wellness. He has come out with his new book "Nutrition Facts: Diet Right for Your Personality Type Kindle Edition". The book includes information that is diet right for your personality type.

According to research on health and dieting, the personality type affects the overall health of people. As per scientific theories of classification, there are as many as 16 varied types of personalities. The type of personality directly reflects on the social life, relationships and career of people. Such aspects have a straightforward association to simple human interaction and personality traits. Research also shows that diet is one of the important aspects complimenting the personality of individuals.

The new book on nutrition facts by Oscar Mendez highlights the aspects of everyday life that are most important in relation to diet patterns and related personality types. According to him, professional success can be traced back to the type of personality that one has. His book includes the aspects that are underlying in influencing the personality of an individual to food.

The book by Oscar Mendez throws new light on personality types and their relation to foods, which can be enlightening for many people who have little clue to the deep association. Written in simple language and in an easy tone, the book can be a joy to read for people who wish to achieve wellness, ensure good nutrition for their body and live a healthy life.

About Oscar Mendez
Oscar Mendez is an author who has been a Medical Esthetician for the last 25 years in the state of California. He is the founder of the Upper Layers Skin Care, an organization that is focused in corrective skin care.

For information regarding his new book, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJVVB65