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Massage In Offices Offers Mindful Movement - Qigong As Part Of Its Corporate Wellness Program

(UK, March 28, 2017) - A system comprising of physical postures, breathing techniques and mental focus, Qigong aims to boost energy, health and vitality in the body. This is a practice that has been used for thousands of years, as part of the involved in the primitive Chinese health system and is meant to maintains the vital energy of the body. Based in the UK, Massage in Offices offers a corporate wellness program for the employees, which involves mindful movement with Qigong.

Although Yoga is well known to be a powerful wellness program, few people actually know that Qigong is also effective in reducing stress and improving the state of mind and body. Its practice does not need any mats or equipment. Corporate employees can simply take off their shoes and take part in these classes, which aim at improving wellness in the workplace.

For workers with sedentary jobs, Mindful movement - Qigong allows moving the bodies through soft stretching exercises. The technique might look like Tai Chi, but comes without the aspect of martial arts. It is a part of the mindful movement and benefits the body and mind in multiple ways, such as loosening the muscles, improving the circulatory and cardiovascular system, strengthening the nerves and more.
Massage in Offices offers mobile services, and serves offices in London and Greater London. Qigong teacher from the agency travels to the company or organization that books a Qigong class, and trains workers to practice the art in the right ways.

About Massage in Offices
Massage in Offices is a wellness centre based in the UK focusing on corporate wellness. It offers stress management, mindfulness and other services to promote wellness in the corporate environment. This is a mobile service provider, available in Greater London and London offices.

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