Kevin "Kevo" Aregbe Is Releasing Three Novels On Diverse Themes

Houston, TX (May 26, 2017) - Adapting books into movies has been a trend for some time now, but it is rare to find an author who also directs films on the books he has penned himself. Based in Texas, author Kevin Aregbe aka Kevo is coming out with not one but three novels. Each of the novels is on a different theme, although all of them touch social themes.

Kevo has already shot two mini movies based on two of the short novels that he has authored, Fate Befalls and 27 Grams. He is the author as well as the producer of the first novel. This is sort of the other way round, given that the novel will be based on the mini-movie 'Fate Befalls', produced by him and directed by Dominique Draper. Fate Befalls will consist of around 85 pages, including the themes of honor, loyalty and ethics.

The second one is more special to him. 27 grams is a ballad, and covers the issues faced by African American youth. The number 27 symbolizes 'being shorted' or missing something. The last novel is Koelle's Diary, and it is about a young girl coping with the aftermath of his best friend being killed by a cop. It is not as short as 'Fate Befalls'. The video for Fate Befalls has been released on May 10, 2017.

About Kevo
Kevin Aregbe aka Kevo is an author, actor and artist from Houston Texas. He is behind films like Trapped, Dumish, 27 Grams and The Short Fate Befalls, and novels like Fate Befalls and Koelle's Diary. He has also been featured in expos, exhibitions and museums across the world.

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