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Axcess IT Comes With Superior Dry Cleaning Pos Software For Customers

London, UK (March 22, 2017) - Since 2001, Axcess IT has developed a wide range of customer solutions. It mainly specializes in building custom apps for the dry cleaning and laundry management business. The dry cleaners pos system from the brand is a perfect solution that makes life easier for laundry company managers. It is offered in 3 cleaning systems, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The dry cleaning pos software has a wide range of features, such as Invoicing, Laundry Card Management, Sorting, Delivery Management, Assisted conveyor assembly, Visit Management, Shirts & Laundry Dispatch, Flat Packing, Delivery Route Management, Polymark integration and Thermotex IDENT Integration. All these features can be highly assistive for owners of laundry and dry cleaning companies.

The dry cleaners pos software helps in supervising and recording all the orders coming to a laundry, using diverse identification systems to label items, assembling all the items that have been cleaned and dispatching all the orders. Delivery notes are printed by the system and invoices are created every month or week impromptu. The dry clean pos system also manages driver routes and customer visits.

The dry cleaning computer has been designed to make life more convenient for users and help them in managing whole factory processes such as invoicing, counting or sorting. Developers have built a system that can let people easily work and improve their efficiency. Every feature in this system has been created in order to improve performance, serviceability and interaction with users.

About Axcess IT
Axcess IT is a software development company that has been offering customized software solutions to customers since its inception in 2001. It specializes in the dry cleaning pos and laundry market and EPOS systems for key cutting, dry cleaning and shoe repair market.

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