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Magpow Adhesives Receives Global Acclaim For Eco Friendly Manufacturing Approach

Hunan, China (April 01, 2017) - There may have been a time when industrial adhesive manufacturing had very little to do with eco friendliness. However, with the advanced manufacturing approach of Magpow Adhesive Group Co. Ltd China, glues and sealants are becoming more pro environment than it has ever been. With a comprehensive product list including everything from contact to silicone sealant, the company has managed to establish an unparalleled global reputation in terms of high quality, cost effective and eco friendly manufacturing practices that very few adhesive companies can manage to match.

Magpow Adhesive is presently China's largest private enterprise adhesive technology research center that has been facilitating the endeavors of this company to improve their approach towards enhanced eco friendly manufacturing practices whether in terms of raw material or in terms of equipments used for the purpose. The range of epoxy glue options in the catalogue of Magpow has been upheld as a shining example in this respect.

The extended effort of this company has had a tremendous impact in its ever expanding global scope that presently includes hundreds of major locations from all five inhabited continents of the world.

Besides industrial glue, Magpow has also received global acclaim for manufacturing household adhesives and sealants with maximum focus on enhanced environmental and personal safety standards while maintaining uncompromised levels of performance.

Magpow Adhesive is also recognized for being exceptionally meticulous about its certifications while maintaining European standards in raw material choices and production technologies.

About Magpow Glue
Hunan Magpow Adhesive Group Co. Ltd is one of the leading glue manufacturers located in Hunan, China. The company manufactures very high quality products that are shipped to an ever expanding global market spread over all 5 inhabited continents of the world.

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