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Arif Patel Comes Up With Grand Solution For Personalized Accounting Consultancy

Dubai, UAE (April 06, 2017):- Mr. Arif Patel, who has been giving away amazing consultancy solutions to people in the UK has recently come up with another amazing offer. The brains behind Patelco will be delivering personalized accounting consultancy to people in Dubai. After staying in this business for the last 80 years, his company has become one of the largest credit unions in the nation.

The not-for-profit organisation of Mr. Arif Patel Dubai provides full-service financial solutions to their clients. The company is dedicated to helping the members in everything starting from volunteering initiatives to personalized services, which completely focuses on simplicity, transparency as well as trust.
The company offers all the benefits that a big bank is most likely to provide to their clients. The best thing about this organisation is that it provides customized services. The main goal is to help reach their clients' goals safely and also affordable.

The eligibility for becoming a member of this company is limited and easy. It is easier to get along as well as discover the better side of banking with the company at one's side. Being the member of the company, one can relax as there won't be any requirement to search or hunt for an ATM machine. The ATM branches of this company are located everywhere in the UK and the same will happen in Dubai as well.

There are around 30 thousand and more, free ATMs nationwide in the UK. The full-service branches count more than 36 and there are more than 6 thousand services and shared branches all over the country.

It is believed that a credit union can actually top the technology curve. In fact, there are proofs that claim that convenient mobile banking and online banking options are always there. People can also select options such as mobile apps and online banking to pay bills.

About Mr. Arif Patel:
Mr. Arif Patel has helped thousands of people with his intelligent and strategic financial consultancy. The man, whatever he earns gives away to reinvest into lower loan rates. His company offers a host of services and financial products.

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