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High Quality LED Lamps, Electrical And Magnetic Components Available Globally Through Hzts-Tech.Com

Guangdong, China (01 April 2017) - Huizhou city Tonsheng technology Co. Ltd, brings electrical components such as line filter, inductors and high frequency transformer LED lamps, produced in it's own manufacturing unit at Guangdong. The company has been operating since 2010, and now with the online availability of it's electrical products and magnetic components they are capturing the global market after China.

With over 200 employees directly working in the production house, staffs for research and development, and technical analysis, they have the right kind of production quality to excel as export quality items. Their infrastructure is highly sophisticated with machinery brought from United States, Taiwan and Japan.

Their workshop is constructed on an area of 1400 square meters, and their average production quality is maintained at 1000 pieces per day, to keep up with the increasing demand globally. With the China CQC certification, they are qualified and certified to meet the global demands.

Some of their products are choke coil, power inductor, switch mode transformer, radial inductor, step down transformer, inductor filter, and through hole inductors. Their electrical equipments are tested okay to send to all parts of the world, with great speed of delivery. Their magnetic inductors are high quality.

The entire website is full of various electrical components, so that buyers may have a look and get idea of all components before buying. Their certifications are also displayed on the website for credibility.
One of their spokespersons said before media, "We are fully focused on bringing forth the best customer service and delivery on time. It's not just the product quality which we believe will bind customers to us, but the right price and packaging and future customer service, which will help establish good business relations."

For more information about their services and products on may visit their website at

About Tonsheng technology:
Huizhou city Tonsheng technology Co. Ltd is operating in China since 2010, and is a manufacturer of LED lighting, inductors, line filters, transformers and choke coils etc.