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Brand Influencer Ann Mathew Offers Brand Collaboration Services To Businesses

Brand influencer, model, and style consultant, Ann Mathew, helps businesses with brand collaboration services. She helps to establish meaningful relationships with brands that allow companies to enjoy higher sales and more revenue. Her Instagram profile explodes every day with new followers.

Ann has worked with many popular brands like Dub Dub, Luca Handbags, Inglot Cosmetics and Queens Lyfe Lipsticks. These brands have highly appreciated her work, and she has also obtained recognition from projects from various organizations. In fact, she was featured in September 2016 on a Times Square Billboard for DubDub and Inglot Cosmetics.

Her Instagram profile reflects her love for fashion, and she shares her tastes and preferences about hair, beauty, etc that are followed by her fans. She also posts photos of scenic locations and picturesque areas that evoke a love for travel from her many followers. She likes to publish pictures every day that showcase her many brand collaboration areas.

She works as a trend setter and is into fashion and beauty as well. A woman of many facets, Ann Mathew works as a brand influencer for businesses in the sector of cars, fashion, beauty, travel, and arts. She can be booked for motivational speech engagements, speaking, appearances, and brand collaborations.

Her publicist, A Stylus, can be reached at amathew11@comcast.net and 202-866-6849.Companies can easily contact her publicist in order to book professional engagements.

About Ann Mathew:
Ann Mathew is a brand influencer for cars, beauty, travel, and art, as well being a writer and a model. She offers brand collaboration services, and has worked with prominent brands like Queens Lyfe Lipsticks, Luca Handbags, Inglot Cosmetics and Dub Dub.

For further information and enquiries, please visit her Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/amathew11

Contact Person:
A Stylus (Publicist)
Phone no: 202-866-6849
Email: amathew11@comcast.net