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Dubai Based Patelco Credit Union Sets Record Low Of Auto Loan Rates

Dubai, UAE (April 06, 2017):- People, in most cases, face a difficult time when they take loans in order to buy a vehicle. However, it seems like Patelco Credit Union has made that task slightly easier. "We understand the problems that may arise when one takes an auto loan. The interest rates of most unions tend to be over the roof. We believe that should not be the case", said Mr. Arif Patel, CEO of Patelco.

No company had decided to offer such low interest rates to the citizens, until Patelco. Mr. Arif Patel states, "Of course, people have their doubts about this as well. They'd wonder what the catch here is. The truth is, there isn't any. Most companies tend to slack off when it comes to their book-keeping. We here at Patelco have hired the very best of accountants. The aim was to reduce the pressure and burden on the shoulders of our customers, while keeping the profit margin large enough for the company."

"Such transparency was not so easy to come by. But this was necessary for the growth of the company", added Mr. Arif Patel. Statistics have shown that despite offering the lowest auto loan rates in the country, the value of the company continues to grow. "This is why we had decided to bring Mr. Arif Patel from London to Dubai and into the foray of the company. We value his decision making skills to a great extent", stated a board member.

About Patelco Credit Union:
Patelco Credit Union has been a forerunner in the stock market and crediting industry of the UAE for over 80 years and has estimated worth of over 5 billion dollars.

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