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For Optimal Reading And Writing Amazon Launches The Visual Edge Portable Slant Board

San Diego, CA (April 08, 2017):- Amazon presents the visual edge slant board for kids for optimal learning. This portable white board comes with clipboard for easy writing. The board has 22 degree working surface, which is supposed to be the "Harmon Distance". This has been scientifically researched to improve performance in writing, reading and speech.

This magnetic dry erase board helps in accomplishing direct onboard tasks such as taking notes and visualizing. The board can be used to develop cognitive skills through games or puzzles. The board has a paper clip at the top of the slant board which holds the work securely. The book catch at the bottom can be readjusted to either side of the board or removed completely for unobstructed reading and writing tasks.

This magnetic white board is 18 inch in length and 12 inch in breadth and comes with adjustable folding legs which can be locked into position for stability or can be folded flat for compact storage. The board weighs less than two pounds which makes it easy to carry anywhere. It can even fit into any backpack or travelling case.

The slanting shape of this writing board helps to improve posture which in turn puts less stress on the body resulting in lower blood pressure. The unique 22 degree angle reduces strain on the eyes as the text remains in focus down the entire page. Writing at 22 degree angle also incorporates the use of the muscles in the forearm that increases control and penmanship. It has also proven to improve comprehension because brain is working less to interpret text, so one has more time to understand what they have just read.

This Visual Edge Slant Board functions as a versatile work station for children and adults. This makes it a definitive tool for accelerated learning.

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