Tau Tau

Tau Tau's Dress Grabs Attention At The 20th Shanghai Film Festival

The attire in which the Peach of China Tau Tau came to the Shanghai Film Festival is creating a lot of rage among Chinese people.

The female film producer, Tau Tau, who is residing in Berlin visited the Shanghai Film Festival. She portrayed herself in a sexy costume with her legs clearly visible and the dress had a low-cut neck. As she is one of the emerging women film producers, her dress is creating a lot of news among people, who have been closely watching the 20th Shanghai Film Festival.

In the recent years, the Chinese Peach is highly eye-catching on her views about literacy. She has been talking about in different gatherings that she visits. Here, fans were highly enthralled when she portrayed herself gloriously in the red carpet.

About Shanghai Film Festival:
Shortly called as SIFF, the Shanghai Festival is actually called as Shanghai International Film Festival. For more than 12 decades now, the ideas are being framed to establish a strong relationship between films and China. So far, 19 festivals are over and now SIFF is building a professional and authoritative cultural exchange platform not just for domestic, but also for foreign films.

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