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Flizit Founder's Net Worth Has Started Skyrocketing

DENVER, COLARADO (April 13, 2017) - Flizit founder Matt Robertson is a busy man. His recent net worth surge has been nothing short of a fairy tale, according to some experts. "It's been amazing, to say the least. Never did I imagine that this brainchild would be executed so perfectly. My team at Flizit has been absolutely phenomenal. They work hard, with a lot of dedication. Now, you can see the results for yourself", said an ecstatic Robertson.

Flizit is an on demand startup, which allows consumers to hire people for certain jobs at a nominal rate. It provides services such as on demand food delivery, on demand plumbing, on demand handyman, on demand electrician, on demand driver, on demand yard work, on demand auto detailing, on demand hair stylist. The on demand driver service acts as an alternative to Uber or Lyft services. "We provide personnel who can give all types of services, whether odd jobs or professional driving. For those who don't know, detailers are the people who provide the service. We've kept the provision for people to register themselves as detailers. This could help, whether the person is looking for work to support a family or to supplement their income. Needless to say, we run stringent background checks before we allow them to engage in detailing", stated a representative.

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. "We're working on providing services in more areas; not just Denver. Since the demand is high, we think that it won't be too long before detailing services are available in other cities", added Robertson.

About Flizit LLC:
Flizit is an on demand app that allows people to hire other personnel for jobs, at a fixed and nominal rate.

For more information, please visit https://flizit.com/

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