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Debang Mould Technology Co, Ltd Launches Product Light Heatsink For Longevity Of Bulbs

Ningbo, China (April 09, 2017) - Recently, Debang Mold Production has been in the news for its latest smart product- light heatsink. This product gives the customers intelligent control over their ordinary house bulb, thus, reducing the cost of frequent replacement. Apart from such light parts, Debang Mold Production manufactures products like Windshield Wiper Parts, Auto Parts, Fan Clutch Parts, Tubular Motor Parts, Round Motor Parts, Telecom Fitting, Security Camera Parts, Precision Machining Parts and Light Parts.

They serve various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in different industries, including oil, energy, automotive and lighting, civil construction etc. Since 2013 the company is ISO/TS 16949 certificated. Their main products comprise auto parts essentially water pump housing, engine housings, coupler needed for trucks with heavy duty and so on. The water pump housing can be applied to filter machine, pipeline pressurization, garden spray, cooling, chemical metering, gardens watering, fluid supply etc, to protect the pump or motor well. Engine Housings gives housing to the auto engines and heavy duty truck coupler prevents combustion accident.

Durban Mold Production mainly produces two Windshield Wiper parts - Windshield Wiper Bracket and Windshield wiper motor housing. Windshield Wiper Bracket, a precisely customized curvature of the window surface is applied to several types of mining and industrial locomotives, electric and diesel locomotives and large cars. The windshield pressure is equally distributed on the wiper blade surface, touching the window to secure the safety and visual field in hard climatic conditions. On the other hand Windshield wiper motor housing is extensively used in motorcycle manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, automobile manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, motor manufacturing, landscaping, precision instruments, building decoration, power construction and many other industries.

Their maximum products are made of aluminum alloy and are customized. Engineers are readily available for OEM requests. It takes 30 to 40 days for the products to be ready for delivery. A maximum supply capacity of the company varies from 400k to 800k per month.

About Debang Mold Production:
Established in 1991, the company focuses on high pressure casting of aluminum, including moto parts, auto parts, security, telecom fitting and camera parts and so on. With almost 30 years of experience they have been serving the purchasing and engineering departments by offering top quality and profitable resolutions for their needs of OEM component.

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