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Chinese Manufacturer Are Now Most Preferred For Slewing Bearings

TONGSHAN, CHINA (April 23, 2017) - Slewing Bearings are not a commonly known term for most people. However, those who know about it know its utility. "This has been an absolute honour. Working for industries which are actually very relevant in the daily lives of the normal people makes one realizes the importance of work. Our teams have worked very hard on a regular basis to bring us to the top. Work shall be put in even more so, enabling us to hold this position for a long time", said a representative.

Slewing Bearing and Slewing drives are used for supporting slow turning or slow revolving loads. "We provide different types of equipment, other than just slewing bearings or slewing drive. From different types of gear, such as brass gears to spiral bevel gears, to stainless steel flanges. Flanges provide strength to the apparatus in which they are used. They also add balance to an object, such as a train. They prevent the train from running off the tracks. We also provide forged rings. They are base plates produced by steel manufacturers. Each forged ring has different dimensions to meet the specifications of particular industries", added another representative.

When asked about future plans, a spokesperson was quoted as saying "We have hit our goal in China. That makes us very happy. However, we plan to improve our products with the valuable feedback that we receive. We plan to expand in other nations as well and bring forth our best work and materials for all the industries. Of course, this will take time. We shall see how it goes from here on out."

About XuZhou Fenghe Slewing Bearing Co:
XuZhou Fenghe Slewing Bearing Co is a slewing bearing manufacturer in Tongshan, China. They provide slewing bearings and drives, forged rings, gears and flanges.

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